Tuesday, March 22, 2011

another birthday, another lesson

I know, two posts in one day - whoa!

But I would be remiss not to post about my littlest love's first birthday. This year has flown so quickly, that my heart has been well pierced by the truth of impermanence.

From the first day, he has been such a precious gift. Only 16 months younger than his elder brother, he has been a patient, unfailingly cheerful little fellow from the very first moment. He is always smiling, always happy, even after a rather rough push (ahem) from his brother. He is always interested, always exploring, always wanting to connect with others. Such a little love. Walking and talking and climbing and laughing and in general a whirlwind, until suddenly, he will become happily engrossed in looking through his many picture books, intently focused, turning the pages, murmuring to himself, until his brother (ahem) grabs the book away - ha!

So, to my little J. You teach me everyday about being present, being curious, reaching out to others, being patient, compassionate and joyful. Joy is one of the lessons I really need to learn this lifetime, and you are glowing with it. May it always be so, my little buddha.

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